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CPR, Inc. (Care Packages for the Region) is a growing 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization serving communities in Lake County Indiana and the Chicagoland area. We began our mission to help local folks just a year ago. It is hard for me to believe this all started as a tiny family project. I hoped to help individuals without homes get a fresh start with some basic supplies.

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Care Packages Are a Way

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CPR, Inc. Is Dedicated To Providing Assistance For Those In Need Across Chicagoland And The Calumet Region Of Indiana.

Care packages are a way to give not only necessities, but also relief, comfort, hope and a fresh start. Many of us take basic supplies for granted, however there is a great need for support in the form of personal care items, as well as other goods and services. Individuals without homes, veterans transitioning into civilian life, children in need of services, older adults in care facilities and rescued animals in shelters are just some of the lives that can benefit from care package donations. With the abundant help of private donors, local organizations and community participation CPR, Inc. has been privileged to create bags of supplies for people right here in our area. All lives are valuable. Care Packages are a positive way to give kindness and support to those in need.

CPR, Inc. is a community based charity that appreciates donations in many forms. We gladly accept monetary contributions, new supplies, volunteers and ideas. We are a 501c3 non profit organization. Donations and contributions are tax deductible under IRC section 170. Our EIN is available upon request. Care packages are an excellent beginning, and our organization hopes to expand our services and broaden our scope of assistance in the future.


We couldn’t do this without the help of private donors, local organizations and community participation.


We rely entirely on charitable donations, local organizations, volunteers and community resources.


CPR, Inc. Accepts Monetary Donations As Well As Care Package Supplies. Contact us to find out more


CPR, Inc. will continue to exceed all expectations. As a friend of Dara, the founder, I am continuously humbled by her efforts. Not only is she extremely motivated to do everything in her power to see that this Nonprofit Organization succeeds, she is a WEALTH of knowledge on the background of the recipients of CPR's resources.

Alina Oliver Kilarski

Incredible organization where almost 100% of your donation winds up in the hands of those in need!

Shawn Stuckey
Creative Director | SSDD




Veterans Life Changing Services needs your help

Veterans Life Changing Services is in critical need of twin sheets, blankets, towels, long underwear and socks. This tireless and dedicated organization relies on donations to provide emergency housing, food, counseling and employment services for Veterans without homes. These men and women served our country, and they deserve these basic necessities as well as our…

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Veterans Village gets a new TV

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Infinite thanks once again to the NWI Veterans Action Council and Jane Dudley for constantly striving to make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans. It was such a surprise and a sincere pleasure to take a brand new TV to NWI Veterans Village today. CPR is so grateful for these opportunities ♡ You folks…

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Legacy Foundation Sponsorship

We are happy to announce CPR has received a sponsorship grant from Legacy Foundation! Legacy Foundation invests in nonprofit services and capacity building efforts throughout Lake County, Ind. Through the generosity of a wide base of donors, Legacy Foundation has awarded $40 million in grants and scholarships to nonprofit organizations and individuals since its founding…

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NWI Veterans Village

It was a pleasure to connect with the St. Matthias Youth Ministry and all the terrific folks at NWI Veterans Village. There are 44 veterans who have struggled to find any housing currently living at this beautiful facility in Gary, Indiana. I look forward to our upcoming project getting more needed supplies for this amazing…

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NW Indiana Life Spotlight

We were so honored to be mentioned in A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight an article written by Jessica Campbell. “Care Packages for the Region, or CPR, is the new, simple project one region-er started to help her fellow community members. There is nothing fancy – the drawstring bags may have the year 2014…

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